Museum Statement

Sensuality, Meditation, Dream, these are the words with which one can best sum up what is expressed in the pictures of Kana. In the foreground is frequently a person or an experience and encounters of people among themselves and with the envirionment. Moments in which time and space have no meaning and seemingly unimportant moments are transformed by the artist into eternal, iconic portrayals of intensive power. In doing so, Kana gives her paintings a special aesthetic, in which one can feel both the canon of identifiable beauty, and at the same time a certain distance. Thus the pictures exhibit an internal tension despite their freqeuntly harmonic composition, and in an irritating sense they rest foreign and unreal.

The meditative character of many of her paintings forces the viewer to a differenciated to come to terms with and reflect on the themes and motives, which are only apparently graspable through the initial view. Only the acceptance of the foreign-like, the changed, and of that which runs counter to are usual methods of perception, lets us discover the true content : Nothing is what it presents itself to be, everything is fluid, and needs to constantly be redetermined.

Writer Petra Schumacher
Museum Schloss Rheydt, Dusserdorf Germany

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