Artist's Statement

What has concerned me for quite some time is the complexity of the world we live; how confusing it can be and how difficult it is to see the heart of the matter. What I have been striving towards accomplishing, symbolically, is to hit a nerve and magnify through peeling away layer after layer of the gossamer veneer that gets in the way of seeing things clearly, whether it be issues, values, the human heart or the horrific in nature.

The achievement of the goal is the reason I choose as one of my projects painting against the hardness of the metal or the effect of man-made pollution of our environment, or anything that takes away from what is real, what is beautiful, what is of the heart.

In my work concerning the human heart, my objective was to poignantly reveal the heightened moment where one reaches through emotion, when consciousness is the most fervent and hopefully lucid, the gamut of feeling from joy to sorrow as well as that which might travel through contentedness.

What I would like to achieve is a sense of equilibrium, beauty and peacefulness : a calm and pleasurable striving that extend and blankets over time and space so that all of us can find joy and a sense of serenity in our everyday lives. If anything I would like my work to reflect this kind of utopian reality in which way can perceive harmony, dialogue, and groundedness in the contrasting chaos, hostility, and confusion.

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