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Exhibits Selected Collections Awards Education Trompe L`Oeil Film, Music & Video
2007 - Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
- Fountain New York Art Fair, New York
- Boogie Production, (inaugurazione mostra d'arte contemporanea), Padova, Italy
- Polonaise Gallery, Woodstock
2006 - The International Centre for Contemporary Art at the Colonna Castle, Genazzano, (Castello Colonna Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporanea), Rome, Italy
2005 - The Contemporary Art Workshop Museum (Roma, Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea), Rome, Italy
- Museum Palazzo Morini, 4 women show, Padova, Italy
- Galleria Desireé, Rome, Italy
- Galleria Valorart, Viterbo, Italy
- VS Art Gallery,Padova, Italy
- Witch project Exhibitions, curated by Massimo Lupolli, Davide & Nicoletta ; traveled through Frascati, Viterbo, Padova, Valencia, Italy
2004 - Solo show, Galerie Garcia-Laporte, Paris, France
- Monaco Modern Art Museum, Group Show, Monaco
- D'ART comtemporain, Paris, France
- State Museum Venezia, 4 women show, Italy
- Palazzo Moroni, 4 women show, Padova, Italy
- Palazzo Dell'Arsenale, 4 women show, Verona, Italy
- Factory04, 4 women show, Padova, Italy
- Galleria Akropoli, 4 women show, Brescia, Italy
- Solo show, Bruno Jamais, New York, NY
- Solo Show, GreenStreet Films, NY
- International Graphik Biennale, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Solo show Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway
2003 - State Museum Castle Rhyedt, Düsserdolf, Germany
- Solo Show, Galeri B.A., Oslo, Norway
- Solo Show, Gallery Utopia, New York, NY
- Galleri Pingvin, Peace Award exhibition, Oslo, Norway
- Art Contemporain Joël Garcia Organisation, Group show, Paris, France
- Salon D'ART Contemporain, Group Show, Paris, France
- Solo Show, Galleri B.A, Oslo, Norway
- Solo Show, Gallery Arly, Fukuoka, Japan
- Solo Show Galleri OTT, Düsserdolf, Germany
- Galleri Casteel, 4 women show, Cölon, Germany
2002 - ARTHOUSE KANT 143, Group Show, Berlin, Germany
- Solo Show, Galleri B.A., Oslo, Norway
- Galleri B.A., Four Women Show, Oslo, Norway
2001 - Solo show Gallery Utopia, New York, NY
2000 - 2000 Golding Gallery, Group show, 8 bond street, NY
- Gallery Federal Plaza, two man show, 26 Federal Plaza, NY
Solo show Gallery Stendhal 386 West Broadway, NY
- Walter Wickiser Gallery "Artists of Millenium" Group show 568 Broadway, NY
- Galerie Magnifik Group Show, "Delicious", New York, NY
- Reza Nazami Group Show "Tokyo-SoHo", New York, NY
1999 - Solo Show, Gallery Stendhal, 386West Broadway, NY
- Solo Show, "Vortex", Kimberly Hotel, New York, NY
1998 - Nurture Art Rotary Auction, Syosset Woodbury, Long Island|
- Denial Solo Show, 46 Grand St, NY
- Vibrant Gallery Group Show "Silver copper and Gold", 149 Wooster, NY
- Walter Wickiser Gallery Group Show, 568 Broadway, NY
- Vibrant Gallery Group Show "Black and White", 149 Wooster, NY
- The Art Exchange Show, Nikolai Associates, 2 Broadway, NY
- Astral Development corp. Green Guerillas Group Show, Puck Building, NY
- Gallery Stendhal "grotesque" Show, 386West Broadway, NY
1997 - Gallery Stendhal Group Show, Cleaveland, OH
- Murakami Gallery Group Show, Sag Harbor Long Island, NY
- Walter Wickiser Gallery Two Women Show, 568 Broadway, NY
- Gallery Stendhal Group Show 386 West Broadway, NY
1996 - Murakami Gallery Group Show 17 East 71st ST., NY
- Eighth Floor Gallery Group Show 473 Broadway, NY
- Walter Wickiser Gallery Group Show 568 Broadway, NY
- Walter Wickiser Gallery 60 Rockefeller Plaza, NY
- Underwater Sculpture Project, Club Cozumel Caribe, Cozumel, Mexico
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  - Monaco Modern Art Museum
- Joël Garcia Art Organization
- Bill Blass
- Yoko Ono
- Andres Serrano
- Emily Frick (Frick Museum)
- Jerry Iwasiutyn
- The United Nations
- Harry Winston
- Kimberly Hotel
- Tomotsune Kimura & Mitomi Law Firm
- Club Cozumel Caribe
- Blends World Cafe
- Chesky Records
- Lutece
- Zeron Group
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2004 - CIMAISE (September), France
- Arte (September), Italy
- Gazzettino (June), Italy
2003 - DIE WELT (June 1st), Germany
- ArteFACT Art magazine (No.3), Germany
- KUNST actuelle (June), Germany
- NVV AG (press spiegel 08.05.03), Germany
- Libération (October) France
- News Japan Embassy, (September), Norway
2002 - BILD KONSTNAREN Swedish ART Magazine (No. 26 April, Sweden)
- VG NEWS (No. 68 March, Sweden)
- KK MAGAZINE (No. 08 Febraury, Scandinavia)
2001 - TV Global Japan SHE TV, "ARTIST IN NY"
2000 - FEDERAL PLAZA AWARD "Voice for the Millennium Award"
- TV NBC "Law and Order"
1999 - Guest speaker Cobble Hill School of American Studies
- ART NEWS Cobble Hill School of American Studies - February

- Motion Picture, Director John H. Lee, Film "Cut Runs Deep"
1997 - FRANCE JAPON 'ECO - No 73 Hiver, "KANA OTOFUJI"
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BFA, Columbia University
New York, USA
Junior College Degree Philosophy
Kobe Yamanote College, Kobe, Japan
  Art Students League,
NY Figurative Drawing with Michael Burban
Painting with David Laffel, New York, USA
TROMPE L'OEIL (click here to view samples) and PRIVATE COMMISSIONS
2000 - Conference Room of Mrs.Yoko Ono, Dakota House, NY
1999 - Residence of Mr. Andress Serrano, 12st N.Y Trompe L'oeil
Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Frick
- Kimberly Hotel Murals
1998 - Self Portrait of Mr.Elkhalil M Bine Bine, Essex House, NY
- Kimberly Hotel Decorative Painting & Stained Glass Windows 51st & Lex, NY
- "Tatoo" Club Faux Finish 51st & Lex, NY
- "Tam Tam" Restaurant Faux Finish 51st & Lex, NY
1997 - Kimberly Hotel Murals 51st & Lex, NY
- "Moonlighting" Mural 511 Amsterdam, NY
- 1996 VIVACIOUS DESIGN Inc. Murals F Lauderdale, Florida
- "Bourbon ST" Faux Finish 375 27th ST, NY
1995 - Under Water Sculpture "The Heart" Design, Fabrication and Installation Mural
- CLUB COZUMEL CARIBE (hotel) Cozumel, Mexico
- Mural for Feature Film Medusa Pictures, NY
- Paintings for residence 67th Central Park West, NY
- Drawings for United Nations United Nations, NY
- "Lute'ce" Faux Finish 249 E 50th ST, NY
- "RODEO BAR " Faux Finish 375 27th ST, NY
- CLUB COZUMEL CARIBE Mural Cozumel Mexico
- "MOTOWN CAFE " Mural (45feet x 9feet) 57th & 6AV, NY
- "SHADE" Mural (27feet x 12feet) Jacksonville, Florida
- "LATIN QUARTER" Faux Finish and Mural Design, NY
1994 - Art for record cover of Jacques Offenback "Gaite 'Parisienne" Chesky Records, NY, USA
- Painting for residence Via Cassina Cles, Italy
- Mural for residence Ozasa Fukuoka, Japan
- Fresco for residence West 52nd ST, NY, USA
- Paintings for residence Erlenback, Switzerland
- "Julians" Interior Design and Art Work Mural (50feet x 10Feet : 16.5m x 3.3 m), NY, USA
- MODE WORKS Mural for Nature Co, Planet Hollywood etc, NY, USA
- CHESKY RECORDS Faux Finish and Interior Decoration for main offices, NY, USA
- Cafe' BlendsInterior Decoration: consisting of Stained Glass windows and Murals Fukuoka, Japan
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2003 - Scenic MTV Awards
2002 - Scenic MTV Awards
2001 - Scenic MTV Awards
2000 - Scenic MTV Awards
1999 - Scenic MTV Award
1998 - Charge Scenic MTV Video for Time Warner Cable, NY
- SCENIC Pantine Shampoo Commercial Artist's Studio, NY
1997 - PRODUCTION DESIGN Feature Film "Speed & Absinth" Raven Sol Films 127 Macdougal ST, NY
- ART DIRECTOR Feature Film "The Cut Runs Deep"
- Cine Corp. Inc. 529W.42nd ST, NY
- Charge SCENIC Paula Cole "Where Have All Cowboys Gone"
- X-Ray Production, NY
- Charge SCENIC Garland Jeffreys "Original Lust"
- Squeak Pictures, NY
1996 - Charge SCENIC Chrysler Commercial, Satellite Film, VT
- ART DIRECTION Independent Film "Li-Ning"Jose Prod, NY
- SCENIC Film Four Rooms" MIRAMAX, NY
- SCENIC T.V "Our Time T.V" NY
- Bark Prod , NY
- Charge SCENIC Madonna's Pajama Party,
- "Bed Time Stories Video" Webster Hall, NY
- Charge SCENIC and TALENT United Nations Commercial, NY
- SCENIC Vibrant Hair Shampoo Commercial, NY
- SCENIC Caribbean Music Awards, NY
- SCENIC Roy Rogers Restaurants Commercial, NY
- SCENIC MTV Music Promotional Videos, NY
1994 - Art for Album Cover of Jacques Offenbach's "Giate` Parisienne" Chesky Records, NY

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